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Beginner’s Guide to Quilting

Quilting is an art form that has been around for centuries. Archaeologists have found evidence of quilting dating back to 3400 BC where it was used to create garments for royalty. Today, quilting is largely associated with colorful patterned blankets and throws. Some people quilt because they enjoy creating a unique piece of art. Others quilt because they enjoy making something from scratch or they find the process of quilting relaxing after a hard day. Whatever your reasons for taking up quilting, becoming a quilter requires having specific tools on hand and knowing how to take scraps of fabric and turn them into beautiful quilts.

A History of Quilting

Many historians use quilts as a way to gain insight into the history and lifestyle of a group of people. While some quilts were created for practical purposes, many were also designed to tell a story. Understanding how quilting has been used throughout history can help new quilters develop an appreciation for the craft.

Patterns and Designs

Part of the fun of quilting is discovering new patterns and designs. Beginning quilters will want to have a basic understanding of the most common quilting patterns. Knowing these patterns will make it easier to decide what type of quilt to make and provide guidelines when it comes to laying out and organizing the fabric for the quilt.

Making a Quilt

Quilting is a process. Whether you decide to hand quilt or machine quilt, you must have the right tools on hand and learn techniques to help make a beautiful, durable quilt. Making a quilt also involves knowing a bunch of little tips and tricks for making the process easier, including how to choose the right fabrics and batting for your quilt.

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