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Free X Shades Backgrounds, Textures, and Seamless Tiles

Below are all the free background textures in our X Shades collection. This collection consists of backgrounds with criss-crossing lines of colors with various tones and intensities. Each of these textured backgrounds are were developed by Better Textures designers or use as web page or graphics design backgrounds.

To preview the tiling of a background texture, click the image or text link. To download the texture right away, right click the image and select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As". We hope you enjoy our unique collection of seamless tiles.

X Shades Background Textures Collection - Page 1

X Shades Blue
15041 bytes

X Shades Dark Gray
10002 bytes

X Shades Light Blue
14177 bytes

X Shades Light Gray
10373 bytes

X Shades Light Green
13881 bytes

X Shades Orange
14126 bytes

X Shades Pink
13298 bytes

X Shades Purple
14153 bytes

X Shades Red
14213 bytes

X Shades Teal
15119 bytes

X Shades Yellow
14430 bytes



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