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Welcome to Better Textures, a free collection of high-quality, original seamless background textures and tiles for you to use on your website or with other graphics projects. If you take a look around the web at other free wallpaper, free background textures, or free webmaster resource sites, you'll notice that most free background or texture sites display hundreds of low-quality, non-tiling textures. If Better Textures wasn't your first stop on your search for background textures or wallpapers, you've probably seen these sites already. There's a reason why you never see these background textures used before on high-quality websites. The fact is, many of these free background textures have been around for years, when background design standards weren't very high and texture designers didn't know how to make actual background tiles. We became so frustrated with the lack of available free background textures on the web that could actually be used by discerning web and graphics designers, as well as the average home or office user that we decided to make our own.

You can browse our textures by color (includes blue, gray, brown, green,  purple, orange, pink, red, teal, and yellow) or collection. Enjoy!


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